2000 Series Floor Spring

The Exidor 2000 series double cam mechanism floor spring range fit discreetly into the floor, giving improved resistance to interference and vandalism, and are particularly suited to shops, offices, hospitals etc. Available in both single and double action with backcheck, they feature adjustable power size 1-4, can be used for doors up to 400kg and are available as a complete unit, or as a mechanism only where replacements are required.

Options include hold open and delayed action, and other accessories consist of extra height spindles, cam and gel infill for improved water resistance. The cover plate is available in a choice of three plated finishes.

900 Series Floor Spring Model # 2950 2952 2960
Closing Force EN Size 1-4 1-4 1-4
Door Size (Max) Width (mm) 1100 1100 1100
Weight (kg) 400 400 400
Mechanism Rack & Pinion No No No
Double Cam Yes Yes Yes
Angle of Opening 180° 180° 180°
Non-Handed Yes Yes Yes
Power Adjustment By Spring Yes Yes Yes
By Template No No No
Action Available Single Yes Yes Yes
Double Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable Sweep Speed Yes Yes Yes
Latching Speed Yes Yes Yes
Backcheck Yes Yes Yes
Heavy Duty Backcheck No No No
Delayed Action No No Yes
Hold Open No Yes No
CE Marked Yes Yes Yes
Certifire Approved Yes Yes Yes
Guarantee 10 yrs 10 yrs 10 yrs
Single Action Accessories Yes Yes Yes
Double Action Accessories Yes Yes Yes
Spindle Extensions Yes Yes Yes
200° Cam for single action doors
requiring controlled closing from 180°
Yes Yes Yes
Gel Infill for Improved
Water Resistance
Yes Yes Yes
Mechanism & Box Only Yes Yes Yes
Finishes available Satin Stainless, Polished Stainless and Polished Brass
Save 25%
£411.16 £309.14 (£370.97 inc VAT)
Save 25%
£419.27 £315.24 (£378.29 inc VAT)
Save 25%
£419.27 £315.24 (£378.29 inc VAT)
Save 25%
Exidor 2000/4F
Floor Pivot 400 KG
£87.10 £65.49 (£78.59 inc VAT)
£34.86 (£41.83 inc VAT)
£52.23 (£62.68 inc VAT)
£52.23 (£62.68 inc VAT)
£87.10 (£104.52 inc VAT)
£87.10 (£104.52 inc VAT)
£34.86 (£41.83 inc VAT)
£87.10 (£104.52 inc VAT)
£41.79 (£50.15 inc VAT)
£26.12 (£31.34 inc VAT)
£34.86 (£41.83 inc VAT)