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From The Anvil 33230 - Beeswax Round Mortice Rim Knob Set

From The Anvil Beeswax Round Mortice Rim Knob Set

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From The Anvil
"From The Anvil" Handmade Solid Cast Beeswax Round Mortice/Rim Knob Set

For internal use only

Supplied complete with two loose roses to enable them to be used with a Rim or Mortice Lock, two octagonal knobs, two standard profile escutcheons, a threaded spindle for various door thicknesses (up to 60mm) and fixing screws.

As these knobs are unsprung, we recommend you use a Heavy Duty Tubular Latch or a Lockset.

The knob can be used as a door pull, drawer knob or cupboard knob by using with a Threaded Taylors Spindle 31298/A.


Size: 1.75 inch x 3 inch
Rose diameter: 2.375 inch (2 3/8")

These mortise /rim knobs come unsprung. They are solid cast not hollow and have loose roses to enable them to be used with a rim lock (discard one rose) or with a mortice lock.

These knobs have threaded spindles to take the adjustment for various door thicknesses and lock firmly with a grub screw. Each set comes complete with fixing screws, which are concealed for improved appearance, together with two escutcheons.For best results the centre of the knob should be a minimum of 3'' from the edge of the door. Heavy duty latches and locks are recommended for maximum efficiency - see codes 18299/4'' or 18238/5''.
Sold as a set and supplied with necessary fixing screws. The GRUB SCREW should locate on the ''V'' in the shaft and not on the threaded part. 
From The Anvil