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Wandsworth A666 - Switched Fuse connection interior - non-illuminated

Wandsworth Switched Fuse connection interior - non-illuminated

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Wandsworth Fused connection interior - non-illuminated

Fused connection units are grid mounted offering alignment and depth adjustment which enables the fused connector unit to be installed and the cover plate fixed after decoration work has been completed.

The units have a retained fuse carrier that is not removed during fuse replacement. On switched versions, the double pole switch has 3mm contact gaps for isolation. Cable outlets have a bushed hole, a cord clamp and 3 way terminal block, suitable for up to 1.5mm flexible cable.

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Use with
Wandsworth cover plate:
Classic P666;
Georgian P1166;
Adam P2266;
Victorian P2366.

Flush Metal Box 1702 or
Surface Metal Box 1131 or

Surface Plastic Box 1132.
* Please note: The Light Bronze, Antique Brass and Antique Bronze finishes will vary due to the hand-finishing involved in the manufacturing process.

** Light Bronze, Bright Nickel, Antique Brass, Satin Nickel and Yellow Etched Prime finishes are available within a four-week lead time.