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Beeswax Cupboard Knobs

Each knob is created individually with a skilled blacksmith's hammer given an beautiful authentic effect unachievable my any machine.

These knobs are suitable for kitchen cupboards, doors and drawers.

Available in three sizes: 20mm, 30mm and 40mm.

 Supplied with M4 fixing screw.
From The Anvil 33196 - Beeswax Beaten Cupboard Knob 20mm Save 20%
£5.03 £4.02 (£4.82 inc VAT)
From The Anvil 33197 - Beeswax Beaten Cupboard Knob 30mm Save 20%
£6.75 £5.40 (£6.48 inc VAT)
From The Anvil 33198 - Beeswax Beaten Cupboard Knob 40mm Save 20%
£9.27 £7.42 (£8.90 inc VAT)
From The Anvil 83791 - Beeswax Oval Cupboard Knob 40x30mm Save 20%
£7.86 £6.29 (£7.55 inc VAT)

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