Codelocks CL1000 DG - Door Gasket for CL1000 Range

Codelocks Door Gasket for CL1000 Range

CL1000 DG
£2.75 exc VAT
(£3.30 inc VAT)
CL1000 DG

The CL1000 Door Gasket (DG)

The CL1000 Door Gasket is available as an optional accessory for use with all the CL1000 Cabinet Locks - vertical and horizontal models.

When used in conjunction with the CL1000 Cabinet Lock and fitted between the back of the CL1000 and the face of the door, the product combination together achieves IP54 Rating.

Ingress Protection - What does Ingress Protection (IP) rating mean?


5: Protected against dust, limited ingress (no harmful deposit).

4: Protection against water sprayed from all directions - limited ingress permitted.

CL1000 DG