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Codelocks CL5010 BB - Heavy Duty Electronic Tubular Mortice Latch Codelock - Back to Back

Codelocks Heavy Duty Electronic Tubular Mortice Latch Codelock - Back to Back

CL5010 BB
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CL5010 BB

The Codelocks CL5010 is a heavy duty electronic tubular mortice latch back to back providing coded access in both directions.

Independent keypad plates on both sides to provide coded access in both directions.

  • External doors - low / medium / high traffic
  • Internal doors - low / medium / high traffic
  • Mortice Latch
  • Lever handle lock for doors hung on the left or right
  • Use in offices / schools / warehouses / hospitals / care homes / nurseries / hotels / leisure facilities / the home

Available in two hard wearing, low maintenance Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) finishes
Brushed Steel

Suitable for the following applications:
Commercial and domestic internal and external doors.

Example uses: the home / school / offices / hospitals / leisure facilities / hotels.

Suitable for LOW / MEDIUM / HIGH traffic.

Choice of Latchbolts
60mm or 70mm

The outside lever turns freely without operating the latchbolt. When a valid code is entered and the blue LED lights, the lever will retract the latchbolt. When the door closes the spring latch will automatically lock the door. The key will open the door for management functions. The key may be used to set the lock into Code Free mode so that anyone can open the door without using a code. Code Free Mode can also be programmed at the keypad using the Master Code.

CL5010 BB

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