Codehandle Digital Levers

Union Codehandle Digital Access Levers

  • For simple, effective key-less locking/unlocking of interior doors in all light commercial and residential environments where the convenience of access control is the main priority
  • Ideal solution for most restricted access areas, private offices, storerooms, cupboards, etc
  • In aesthetic environments Codehandle is a more attractive, compact option to bulky keypads
  • Easy to fit - no wires, cables, drilling or special fitting required
  • Door thickness 42-80mm

Selecting the correct handle
Looking from the OUTSIDE of the door:
- if the door hinges on the LEFT, you need a left-handed version i.e. pointing towards the LEFT;
- if the door hinges on the RIGHT, you need a right-handed version i.e. pointing towards the RIGHT.