Codelocks Digital Locks

Codelocks are Manufacturers of stand-alone access control door locks

A comprehensive range of mechanical and electronic locks provide solutions for a wide range of commercial and domestic door control applications.

Codelocks supply locks to many markets and sectors - the home, the office, schools, hospitals, care homes, leisure facilities and varying businesses, where the need to restrict access to areas is paramount.

Safeguard confidential or dangerous materials, alternatively you may use a keyless door lock as a controlled gateway between or into specific buildings or offices. Their website provides full information on all our locks including installation, programming and operating.

For technical (rather than purchasing) product queries please view the brochure, visit the Codelocks website (link opens in new window) or call Codelocks Freephone Helpline 0800 393 405 (but please remember to return to Housegoblin to make your order!).

Codelocks brochure

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