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Croxdale Pewter Bar Handles

Finesse Design Pewter door and cabinet furniture is manufactured in England. They use only the best quality lead-free pewter (min 92% tin), which is entirely safe to use anywhere in the home and does not rust.

Pewter has a warm and lustrous quality, which is hand-finished to give a unique patina. The colour may vary slightly within the process. Finesse products are neither plated nor lacquered. Cleaning with a soft damp cloth will restore the original finish.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the Finesse items are currently made to order (in the UK!). You should allow up to 3 weeks for delivery although many items will be supplied more quickly. Leather handles etc are all made to order and you should allow up to 6 weeks for delivery (leather items are not returnable).

Visit the Finesse Design website for the complete product range and more information.

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