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Eurospec Steelworx

Eurospec Steelworx - Stainless Steel Door Furniture and Ancillary Products - 'The Difference is in the detail'

Eurospec's "Steelworx" is a newly designed unique range of Stainless door furniture and ancillary products which promises to give developers the change to utilise Eurospec's eye for detail while putting the finishing touches to any property.

  • M4 male/female through fixing bolts for a secure fixing (especially on hollow doors) and to ensure parallel bearing operation.
  • Square set on female fixing bolt with corresponding register in internal rose to facilitate installations and installation time.
  • Blind end on fixing bolts to prevent removal or tampering on external installations.
  • Screw on outer rose which stays in place, unlike problems with clip-on rose covers.
  • M6 grub screw on spindle for more robust fixing.
  • 6mm ball bearing rose for smoother operation and enhanced performance.
  • Uniform 6mm roses throughout 'Steelworx' range for ease of specification and minimal impact on inventory.

As Eurospec says - "The Difference is in the detail".