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Exidor 400 Series

Exidor 400 Series

400 series Touch Bar – certified to the European Standard BS EN1125: 2008, carrying the Certifire quality mark, fire rated and CE marked for safety and peace of mind.

Combining smooth stylish lines with quality British engineering, the Exidor Touch Bar provides the best solution for emergency exits, and is even stylish enough for the most integrated of interiors.

Certified to 200,000 uses, the 400 series is suitable for use in public buildings such as hotels, schools, hospitals and prestige office developments, where the door mass does not exceed 200KG.

The range is available in single, two or three point locking systems, using vertical or horizontal Pullman latches. Accessories include alarm and microswitch units, outside access devices for entry from the external side, as well as an electronic latch retraction option which, when integrated with an access control system, gives security as well as emergency egress.

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