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Finesse Design

Finesse Design Pewter door and cabinet furniture is manufactured in England. They use only the best quality lead-free pewter (min 92% tin), which is entirely safe to use anywhere in the home and does not rust.

Pewter has a warm and lustrous quality, which is hand-finished to give a unique patina. The colour may vary slightly within the process. Finesse products are neither plated nor lacquered. Cleaning with a soft damp cloth will restore the original finish.

Visit the Finesse Design website for the complete product range and more information.

Save 10%
Finesse Design FDCP
Pewter Cylinder Pull
£13.48 £12.13 (£14.56 inc VAT)
Save 10%
Finesse Design FDDN
Pewter 75mm (3'') Door Numbers
£7.73 £6.96 (£8.35 inc VAT)
Save 10%
Finesse Design FDFP01
Pewter Door Finger Plate
£43.29 £38.96 (£46.75 inc VAT)
Save 10%
Finesse Design FDKNOCK
Pewter Solid Door Knocker
£108.91 £98.02 (£117.62 inc VAT)
Save 10%
Finesse Design FDLP01
Pewter Door Letter Plate
£127.85 £115.07 (£138.08 inc VAT)
Save 10%
£11.58 £10.42 (£12.50 inc VAT)
Save 10%
£11.58 £10.42 (£12.50 inc VAT)
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We, and most, of our suppliers, are now working normally but with extra precautions.

Wandsworth are currently making many products to order so if we do not have stock there could be delays of about 6 weeks. Please e-mail us with your requirements and we can check stock for you.