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MP15 Keys

Eurospec MP15 Spare/Additional 15 Pin keys with colour coded heads

All cylinders and are special order and not returnable unless faulty.

  • Colour coded inserts for ease of recognition - Green (Master Key), Blue (Master/Sub Key), Red (Construction Key) and Black (Differ Key)
  • Nickel Silver with plastic coated grip
  • Resistant to twisting
  • Extended neck for use with Security Escutcheons
  • Special Patented pin on key
  • Reversible key entry for ease of operation
  • No unauthorised key duplication

If need to the key code in the box below. If the extra key(s) is for a lock in the same order, then enter something like "to suit lock". Do contact us if you need help.

To make your life easy, order additional keys at the same time as ordering new cylinders.

NB For replacements you must have the Owner Security Card with Reference/Key number and go to the Distributor that originally supplied the locks. We can't supply replacement keys unless we supplied the originals or the distributor is no longer in business (rare as they normally live in big houses and have lots of money!).

If you don't know who the original Distributor was, give Eurospec a call on 01254 274 100 and they will look up your key code and tell you.

Cut keys are not returnable unless faulty and take 3-5 working days to be cut.

Recognition guide
Blue: 15 Pin Master/Sub Master Key
Black: 15 Pin Differ Key
Red: 15 Pin Construction Key
Green: 15 Pin Grand Master Key