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Wandsworth 96 - Palace Retractive Toggle Switch

Wandsworth Palace Retractive Toggle Switch

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Wandsworth Retractive Palace Toggle Switch

Supplied singly. i.e. For a Double toggle switch use 2.

You will also require the appropriate grid.
Single G491
Double G492
Triple G493
Quad G494

Use together with:
Wandsworth Mounting Grid and Plate

* Please note: The Light Bronze, Antique Brass and Antique Bronze finishes will vary due to the hand-finishing involved in the manufacturing process.

** Light Bronze, Bright Nickel, Antique Brass, Satin Nickel and Yellow Etched Prime finishes are available within a four-week lead time.

Select toggle switch/ring finish colour below.

Recommended Palace toggle switches to match plates as follows:

  1. Antique Brass plate - Satin Brass switch/Black interior
  2. Antique Bronze plate - Antique Bronze switch/Black interior
  3. Bright Nickel plate - Bright Nickel switch/Black interior
  4. Light Bronze plate - Antique Bronze switch/Black interior
  5. Matt Black plate - Black switch/Black interior
  6. Polished Brass plate - Polished Brass switch/Black interior
  7. Satin Nickel plate - Satin Nickel switch/White interior
  8. Satin Silver plate - Satin Chrome switch/White interior
  9. Satin Stainless plate - Satin Chrome switch/White interior
  10. Super Mirror Stainless plate - Super Bright Chrome switch/Black interior
  11. White plate - Super Bright Chrome switch/White interior
  12. White Etched Prime plate -Super Bright Chrome switch/Black interior